Telephone - Glenwood City

NEXTGEN Broadband provides telephone service to the Glenwood City area.

Telephone Services and Monthly Charges

Voicemail - Residence $2.95
Call Waiting $2.00
Caller ID $2.95
Caller ID on Call Waiting $2.00
3-Way Calling $2.00
Warm Line $2.00
Teen Line $2.00
ECC Call Detail on Bill $1.50
Call Rejection $1.00
Private Call Rejection $1.00
LD Access Code $2.00
Toll Restriction No Charge
Voicemail - Business $5.95
Call Forwarding $2.00
Call Forward Busy $1.00
Call Forward No Answer $1.00
Speed Calling 8 $1.00
Speed Calling 30 $2.00
Call Transfer $2.00
Line Hunting on 265 # $2.00 per line
Non Listed Number $2.00
Non Published Number $2.00
900 Block No Charge


Extended Community Calling Areas (ECC)

Included in our telephone service is 60 minutes of free Extended Community Calling per month. Every month you receive 60 minutes of free calling time to the surrounding ECC communities: Boyceville, Wheeler, Knapp, Hammond, Woodville, Baldwin, Spring Lake, Clear Lake, Prairie Farm, Deer Park, New Richmond and Spring Valley. Additional Charges of .05 per minute will apply to calls to these communities in excess of the 60 free minutes per month.

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